TWPL is committed to cater the ever increasing needs of automation segment with the most comprehensive and high quality array of extruded profiles.
Our continuous R & D and innovation enables us to cater the most advanced demands of this industry segment.


Aluminium profiles with finest tolerances are used in automobile and transportation industry. TWPL is having proven expertise in manufacturing such profiles which are meeting all International Standards and tolerances with meticulousness.


TWPL also offers vide collection of extruded Flat Bars & tubes as per customer requirement as well as standard sizes as per industry specific requirements. Flat Bars & Tubes are commonly used in transmission and distribution industry & in control panels.
Our Bars & Tubes are manufactured using purest quality raw materials and are manufactured in highest degree of adherence with the International Quality Standards.


Aluminium extrusions are widely used in the present day's refined constructions. Load bearing structures , claddings, windows, shop fronts, facades, partitions, curtain walling, patent glazing, conservatories , glass houses, roofing scaffolding, architectural hardware , expansion joints , solar panel frames etc all use aluminium extrusions. Its qualities of beautiful and elegant appeal, flexibility, minimal costs & durability has led to huge increase in its demand.
TWPL manufactured profiles are made under stringent quality control tests and checks which ensure trouble free powder coating, anodizing and fabrication.


Solar panels are open to risky weather conditions like dirt, storm, rain, etc.
TWPL offers aluminium profiles and sections for solar panels which are in adherence with stringent technical expectations of all our clients and industry standards.
We cater to requirements of all major producers of the Solar sector.


Being the largest manufacturer of Industrial Aluminum Extruded Profiles, our profiles are used by A-Z industries like Automobile, Automation, Aviation, Construction, Defense, Electrical, Electronics, Home appliances, Railways, Solar, Textile, etc.
We cater to more than 25% of Aluminum Extruded Profiles requirement in the market with widest range up to 400mm in width.


Solar panels are open to risky weather conditions like dirt, storm, rain, etc.
Critically made profiles and having highest degree of tolerances and strength are widely used in Electrical & Electronics Industry.
We at TWPL are manufacturing such profiles for electrical and electronics industry.
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